Sunday, November 6, 2016

Poetry of W. H. Auden

In the poems Epitaph on a despot and The Fall of Rome, W. H. Auden reveals the puritanical and corrupt side of politics. by means of the versatility of poetic styles and explicit employ of vocabulary, Auden is able to reflect them from his thoughts and narrow on his discrimination towards totalitarianism. His lyrics constitute a deeper meaning into his poems, expressing how he views politic. As the poet states, My deepest feeling rough politicians is that they are dangerous lunatics to be avoided when possible and carefully humored; people, preceding(prenominal) all, to whom one mustiness never tell the truth.\nAuden portrays calamities that can be brought to the people resulting from responsibility held in the hands of totalitarianism victimization careful word choice. In the poem Epitaph of a Tyrant, Auden uses distinct words standardized perfection to express the parkland final stage of tyrants and their political schemes of stretchability the stage of perfection in a society. Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after / And the poetry he invented was easy to catch (Auden 1-2). It is good-natured that the state of perfection and utopia is the alone foundation which pushes tyrants further into the trust of more power. From the second post of the poem, the poetry refers to the mindset, and the ideals of a tyrant that can only be understood by another(prenominal) tyrant. Here Auden tries to inform the readers that to understand someone, he or she must be like him or her. More can be derived from the second line whereas dictators are simple minded with greedy minds for power. Politics in superior general is very controversial to be a theme, as yet Auden had took the theme that everyone agree with what he declared (Salafiyan Gemba), referring to tyranny as an unjust system.\nThe poem withal characterizes the difference between despotical and democratic power utilize the lyrics as a yield to further his controversial thoughts on politic s. The whole general goal of dic... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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