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Criminal Investigation

Running Head : TRIAL TESTIMONYInformative and straight Trial TestimonyStudent NameUniversityProfessorSubjectInformative and straight Trial TestimonyEvery investigation leads to trial testimonies . This is the last step of any crime investigation . How is this authoritative for platesTrial testimonies ar very classical split of trials and investigations This becomes the basis for finding out the truth on why events took place . It is the responsibility of research workers of cases to erect the judicature with illuminating and accurate trial attestation that would determine twain sides of the storyAccording to InterFIRE (2007 , a good trial evidence is vital to an incendiarism case . This is the same with any investigative case . apt testimonial serves as an important basis for authorities on cases unless , practised t estimony is the framework for the evidence in the trialThis is the stigma why researchers must be near witnesses and testify at trial . This means that the research worker is knowledgeable and experienced nigh the case . Additionally , this means that then investigator has place all the evidences together to be able to get into courtWhat are the qualifications of an investigator that would make him an sharp ? One is that he has a special skill or knowledge about a subject He must also be run trained and experienced in that field , which is beyond the territory understanding of a common person . Moreover , he must be knowledgeable with literature about the fieldTo be able to determine if an beneficial witness has these qualifications he provide be asked a series of questions . An investigator who does not collar these qualifications is not qualified as an skilful since he leave not be able to provide an accurate and illustrative trial testimony . The testimon y of someone who is not an expert in the fie! ld volition just be a waste of timeAs was mentioned above , expert trial testimony will establish the clear of the case . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
This makes trial testimony an immanent character reference to every case And , as expected in trial courts , an expert testimony at trial is neededIn courts , the expert trial testimony is considered as the most important part of the case . It usually determines if the cases are won or addled . However , even way before the trial , an investigator s trial testimony s success is determined . This is determined during the proofread . If the expert witness performed poorly , it can have an puzzle on the case . It is very important for experts to mystify informative and accurate trial testimony so that the case whitethorn be wonMany experts consider a successful positation of testimony as a challenge . This is because they are required to lift and carefully present during trial . InterFIRE (2007 ) reported that the real banknote of an investigator in any trial is his ability to shift a convincing and effective testimonyFor any investigative cases , the expert testimony must do more than just present the cause and origin of the case . It is important for the expert to present to the jury...If you unavoidableness to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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