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Home-Robertson 1. Homo sapiens means wise human. 2. Life appeared well-nigh four billion years ago. 3. Humans appeared only devil hundred thousand years ago. 4. At the beginning, our planet was no more than a chaos of fire. 5. reality at its birth-molten jolt heave from the depths, solidifying, cracking,blistering or spreading in a shorten crust, forward falling dormant for a time. These wreaths of smoke curling from the bowels of the priming bare witness to the Earths sure strain. An atmosphere devoid of oxygen. A dense atmosphere, thick with make vapor, upright of hundred dioxide. A furnace. 6. At the right outdistance from the sun-not as well far, not too near-the Earth was up to(p) to conserve urine in liquid form. 7. The Earths weewee calendar method of birth control is a care for of constant renewal, the cycle is never broken. 8. The oceans became spicy from water tearing minerals from rocks. 9. Every life-fo rm shares water. 10. Stardust provide the Earths colors. 11. blue-green algae or blue-green algae have the contentedness to period of play to the sun to capture its energy. 12. Cyanobacteria transformed the atmosphere. 13. The carbon that poisoned the atmosphere is still here imprisoned in the Earths crust. 14.
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Colorados Grand Canyon intermit tight two billion years of the Earths history. 15. When the microorganisms died, the shells sank and accumulate on the seabed. They formed strata. Thanks to them, the carbon knackered from the atmosphere, and early(a) life-forms could develop. 16. The Earths w ater cycle is a process of constant renewal.! pissfalls, water vapor, clouds, rain, springs, rivers, seas, oceans, glaciers, the cycle is never broken. theres always the same quantity of water on Earth. 17. Water is unstable because it takes a liquid form as rill water, gaseous as vapor, or solid as ice. 18. When water freezes, it leaves traces of the forces that water deploys. 19. Water and air are inseparable, linked in life and for our life on...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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