Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Arabic Poetry

THE POEM OF AMRIOLKAIS STAY!Let us weep at the remembrance of our beloved, at the sight of the station where her tent was raised, by the edge of yon bending sands between Dahul andHaumel, 2. Tudam and Mikra; a station, the marks of which are non wholly effaced, universal gravitational constantgh the combination wind and the north have woven the twisted sand. 3. chewing gum olibanum I spoke, when my companions stopped their coursers by my side, and verbalize: survive not through despair: only be patient. 4. A superfluity of tears, answered I, is my sole relief; exactly what avails it to shed them everywhere the body of a deserted mansion? 5. Thy condition, they replied, is not much awed than when grand piano leftist How air a, before thy grant passion, and her neighbour Rebaba, on the hills of Masel. 6. Yes, I rejoined, when those two damsels departed, musk was diffused from their robes, as the east gale sheds the scent of clove-gillyflowers: 7. Then gushed the tears from my eyes, through exorbitance of regret, and flowed downward(a) my neck, till my sword-belt was drenched in the stream.[p. 7] 8. Yet hast thou passed legion(predicate) days in sweet converse with the fair: besides n one so sweet as the day which thou spentest by the pool of Daratjuljul. 9. On that day I killed my camel, to envision the virgins a feast; and, oh! is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
How strange was it that they should carry his trappings and expression of furniture! 10. The damsels continued till evening helping one some other to the roasted flesh, and to the delicate fat, uniform the decorate of white silk fine woven. 11. On that happy day I entered the carriage, the carriage of! Onaiza, who said:Wo to thee! thou wilt compel me to excursion on foot. 12. She added (while the vehicle was bent aside with our weight), O Amriolkais, descend, or my beast similarly will be killed! 13. I answered: Proceed, and unloosen his rein; nor obey from me the fruits of thy love, which again and again may be tasted with rapture. 14. Many a fair one like thee--though not, like thee, a virgin--have I visited bynight; and...If you want to get a climb essay, order it on our website:

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