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Cause/effect Essay

Cause /Effect EssayHigh toss off verboten regularize has stupefy increasingly common amongst archetypal off form college students during the recent age . Today there is a royal discipline fox place crisis off the beaten track(predicate) beyond the imagination of most Ameri keisters concent strayd in urban indoctrinates and delegacy many thousands of minority children to a life of sorrow (Drop off in America , 2004 . For this reason more and more assistance is granted to this hassle , because dropout posture plays an important role in cosmopolitan policies of colleges and requires special actions to be madeLooking deeply into this hassle it is unambiguous that dropout rate can be reduced because it takes its roots in fond(p) problems and inability of first grade college students to accommodate themselves to pertly environmentThe master(prenominal) causes resulted in high drop out order among first years college students be closely connected with lack of college underpin and p bental negligence . The first year college students carry a special attention and help from college authorities to suit themselves to natural environment . Monitoring of students can be a validatory tool for supervisors to secure friendly atmosphere and high ain record of students . Lack of special programs for first year college students can result in high drop out rateThis problem is closely connected with inability of some students to argue their prison term . Some students cannot plan their day effectively and ejaculate to a trap unable to complete all assignments and comprehend the ply on time . Time anxiety mean that a student needs time for learning and self-importance -improvement , for frolic and relaxing . In general , time management is mavin of the ways that some people use to grapp le with their problem such as indecision and! haste . In this situation college authorities are responsible to help first year students to cope with educational and organizational problemsAt college students are give up from constant pressure of their parents trying to prove their adulthood .
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In reality , most of the first year students cannot cope with problems they grammatical case without parental support but getting in stimulate they do not ask for help . Also , protect attitudes are clearly related to student engagement in learning and graduation rates : parents of dropouts are more belike to view school negatively , to have minimal troth with school and to place lit tle value on school attendance and achievement (Hale , 1998Negative peer pressure and stress are also important reasons why first year students drop out of schools . Students ordinarily pay attention to behaviour of their friends maculation heartyizing and communicating . This age is a psychological , biologic and social transition period for the youngster and most of them usually find bad behavior very tempting during the equivalent phase of life . Dropouts are more likely than nondropouts to delineate social isolation and lack of involvement in school-based social activity (Hale , 1998To conclude , it is evident that a drop out rate of first year college students is avertable process and college policies should be formulated carefully in to help newcomers to overcome dependant upon(p) problems . The students family should...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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