Monday, September 9, 2019

How environment affects architecture Assignment

How environment affects architecture - Assignment Example building, the architect has an obligation of knowing the culture of the individuals that surround them, as well as the environment in which the structure is to be laid. It aids in the successful production of buildings for both the behavioral and mental activities. In addition, if an engineer is designing, for an instant, a bridge or even a machine, he/she makes drawings where every line results into great integration of principles and laws from various mechanical sciences. The machines or the structures are designed in a manner that they bear some level strain or perform a particular function (Gissen, 2009). This is quite similar to architectural work where when an architect is designing a structure or a town each minute detail is reliant on the application of set of laws (mechanical). In addition to these laws, they also integrate set of other science principles whose scopes may not be vividly defined such as those that relate human beings with the environment. These sciences such as the climatology and economics among others are as vital as the mechanical sciences. This is to ensure that the structure constituted by the architect protects the various elements that surfaces or are bound to surface due to the structures to be established (Pastor & Molina, 2007). The machines are usually less or not entirely affected by the environment. Moreover, climate has little impact on the machines. However, humans being constantly interact with the environment by either changing it or being changed by the environment. In turn the environment affects buildings and structures (Bergmann, 2009). For example, the climate or microclimate of a particular area or locality and the structures surrounding the building usually mold that particular building in such a way that the shape and the design of the structure may be influenced by the factors highlighted. There are some effects of climate that can be observed on various forms of architectural works. For an instant, the ration

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