Tuesday, November 26, 2013

History of Bush Election

Patrick Kim HIS-112 US Hist Since Reconst August 4, 2010 The unite States presidential election of 2000 was the desperate battle between Republican candidate George Walker sponge and Democratic candidate Al control panel. At the cartridge clip George shrub was the governor of Texas and Al pierce was the Vice chairwoman to putz Clinton. The unfortunate final result of the election was the victory of run narrowly followning the November 7th election with 271 electoral votes compared to control boards 266(Federal Election Commission). The winner of the election was determined by the 25 electoral votes coming from Florida and this is where the major controversy stems from. Clearly, somewhat askew events occurred that prevented the election of the true President of the United States, Al Gore. President chaparral should not have been elected President, enigmatic ballots, choose error were only some causes that skewed the outcome of the 2000 election. George B ush and Al Gore were pitted against each different with the frequent campaign focusing on domestic issues such(prenominal) as health care, social security and medicare, but contradictory constitution also played a major take up in the campaign where Bush wanted better practice of troops. Gore on the other hand questioned Bushs throw and character for the job.
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What really prevented a definitive win for Gore was the cloud of humiliation still looming as a case of Bill Clintons impeachment and sex scandals. The Clinton scandals hindered Gores witness at securing voters with strong moral issues especially with Bu sh powerfully promoting the idea of the rest! oration of honor and dignity endure to the purity House. Vice President Al Gore carried the northeast United States, most of the Upper middle west, and all of the Pacific sloping trough states of Washington, Oregon, California, and Hawaii, eon Texas Governor George Bush won much of the Midwest and Plains, including Ohio and Indiana, as well as the South and Alaska. The election up to the pastime morning was extremely close with the...If you want to go far a full essay, order it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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