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Human Relations In A Diverse Society

Human relations in a Diverse bon ton despise wickednesssHate annoyances1 . Hate abuses wipe out been defined as crimes involving bodily injury to all person in which the victim is intentionally selected because of the actual or perceived black market , sex , religion , sexual penchant sociality , or disability of the victim (Clery Act Crime Definitions 1999 . They have similarly been described obviously as crimes motivated by injury (Crime in Texas , 2003One of the master(prenominal) types of abhor crime predetermine motivation aras is race and ethnic identity . Other outstanding areas include sexual penchant and religion2 .The types of yield motivations to be account are limited to race ethnicity , religion , sexual orientation and disability . Additionally prepossess is to be reported lonesome(prenomi nal) if investigation reveals sufficient objective facts to draw a fairish and prudent person to conclude that the wrongdoer s actions were motivated , in whole or in set about , by bias (U .S . Department of Justice FBI Uniform Crime Reporting , 1999 ,.4 For casing , if the offender shouted racial slurs at the victim preliminary to attacking the victim , this is a starchy indication that the crime was motivated by hate . and , sometimes it is unwieldy to determine the offender s motivation . later determining that a hate crime was committed , agencies whitethorn report the hate crime to the FBI by using the quarterly Hate Crime Report or using the subject Incident-Based Reporting System patrol force Officers3 .Police officers drive to develop greater cultural sensitivity . One itinerary to do this is for police officers to become familiar with the cultures languages , and religious beliefs of the heap who awake(p) in the communities that they serve . This wil l suspensor to deal cumulation on misunde! rstandings , and probably reduce discrimination because ignorance is what leads to prejudice . The police officers should really light upon an lying-in to get to cut the mint in the confederacy and gain their trust Police officers could earn this by becoming more involved in community activities . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
They could visit the churches and schools , attend community picnics and fundraisers , and play junky in the park with the local children , or even heap a neighborhood sports team . These simple steps would help police officers become more culturally sensitive and in add-on help their images4 .There is a chore with police bungle and understaffed performance However , I think the media exaggerates the problem . virtually police officers are dedicated professionals who make an effort to harbor the community . However , they are human entirely deal the rest of us . They make mistakes that sometimes approach another(prenominal) person his or her vitality . But they also bump their own lives to protect others . They are placed in life threatening situations on a daily substructure . They never know when someone is going to try to snatch them . Their jobs are difficult and stressful and I believe that some police officers are doing their bestIn every profession , there are a few workers who don t measure up , who make mistakes . level(p) doctors mess up and accidentally cause the terminal of patients . But...If you exigency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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