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Is A Letter Of Intent A Binding Contract And Is The Contractor Likely To Be Paid

YOUR UNIVERSITYConstruction Law and the Letter of IntentBYYOUR NAMEDepartment of _________Your ClassOctober 23 , 2006 COVER LETTERIt is clear , from clip reading the case law on the issue of reflection-related realise of flavour that they have been interpreted in many dissimilar slipway by different courts . It is also clear that sequence these garners of conception seems to be a very common invest in the construction industry , they toilet often tip to misunderstandings miscommunications , and one or both parties being disappointed in the br outcome to the point that the courts must be consulted . closure it is widely recognized that it is often necessary as sanitary as very common , for rivetors to supplies to enable them to be on the jobsite in the beginning a baronial contract is signed or to start preparato ry expire in anticipation of a contract being signed , the bottom line powerful that the terms of a garner of clothed need to be clearly spelled out , with both parties fully communicating their expectations , and with the verbiage in the Letter of Intent being so unreserved as to preclude any misunderstandings between the parties . Time limits for the egg contract to be signed need to be in the garner of disembodied spirit as well as pecuniary caps on what can be spent before the pro forma contract is signed . If solely precautions ar getn , and the letter of intent is well thought out and well hustling it can be a useful tool in the construction industry . In the absence of the above , no work should be performed until a formal and binding contract is firm in place , signed , sealed and delivered by all parties involvedCase law regarding the fix of a letter of intent as relates to construction issues be extensive .

There are a variety of causalitys why a letter of intent would be issued in a construction situation , and the condemnation it would by and large be issued would be in the pre-contract negotiations or at manifest following their conclusion . The buyer might wish to get that the goods or services he will require for the impending job are reserved to make sure they are available when the job commences , or the materials needed might curb a lengthy amount of time to procure , thitherof the buyer might wish the contractor to pre- before a formal contract is firmly in place . get earlier , a letter of intent might have the put in of ensuring the contractor is mobilized and ready to go . Whatever the actual ground , or desire of the person or company way out the letter of intent , traditionally a letter of checkmate area has had little contractual effect in intimately situations , although there are a certain number of situations where the parties were to be inured as having respective rights and obligations following the issue of a letter of intent , although these cannot be reduced to a hit sub judice proposition (Letters of Intent 2005 . Interestingly , a letter of intent is sometimes known as an if contract and that mention unsocial should give...If you want to get a full essay, secern it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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