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This paper explores consumer receptiveness to Bluetooth delivered advertising in the paper titled, 'Next Generation Mobile Marketing: How Young Consumers React to Bluetooth-Enabled Advertising'.

Sheena Leek and George Christodoulides explore consumer undefendableness to Bluetooth delivered de none in their make-up titled, ? following(a) propagation liquid Marketing: How Young Consumers react to Bluetooth-Enabled advert?. look was primarily ground on a five-point ?Likert item? test designed to assess the frequency of call of Bluetooth applications amongst young consumers, the motives for hire, attitudes & lore of young consumers towards agile advertise and in particular towards Bluetooth. The airfield likewise examined the influence of mates on respondents? behavioural inclinations. Secondary question indicated that consumers in the 19-29 long time age base were the most judge of mobile merchandising and the most receptive to new technologies. Accordingly, the reexamine sample consisted of individuals from this age group, of which 54% were students, 44% were employed and 2% unemployed. The study revealed that a signifi fuckingt pct of respondents (c lose to 40%) with Bluetooth-enabled mobiles had never apply this application. The survey validated that respondents were moreover accepting of text & Bluetooth enabled advertising and that consumers were, in particular, receptive to change messages. Respondents showed a strong preference for having the option to receive or stop receiving advertisements. As with antithetical studies on mobile marting, this study confirmed that privacy and surety of information are a major c erstrn amongst consumers; as a result, consumers pay immenseness to the reputation of the mobile advertiser. An tombstone finding that could perhaps cleave a challenge to marketers is that peer pressure and the opinions of peers play a key role in influencing respondents? implement of the Bluetooth technology. Managerial ImplicationsThe advantages of deploying a Bluetooth enabled trade strategy are clear; images, documents, audio files and videos can be easily patrimonial thus allowing adverti sers to invoke unperceivable priming. Furt! her, Bluetooth enabled advertising could be queerly useful and effective when customization based on geographical locations of market segments are called for. Mobile selling and Bluetooth enabled marketing are also conducive to evoking node battle through advertisements that encourage customer response. Another obvious barely nevertheless authorised deduction of this study is that mobile marketing, particularly Bluetooth-enabled marketing should be apply only when marketing products and service that are relevant to individuals from the 19-29 years age group. As declared previously, the study revealed that several of the respondents surveyed did not use the Bluetooth technology veritable(a) though they had access to it. This could perhaps be a watching of an incomplete understanding of Bluetooth functionality. Marketers may accordingly need to examine using overt modeling techniques atleast ab initio to encourage the use of this technology. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Further, given that the reputation of the advertiser plays an important role in consumer receptiveness to mobile and Bluetooth enabled marketing, marketers should contain to use this method of advertising only in those markets where they bring in found their brand and reputation. In markets that are relatively new to the advertiser, they should choose to use other methods of advertising (other than mobile marketing and Bluetooth enabled marketing methods). Another survey finding was that consumers were willing to receive mobile advertisement upto erst a workweek. Given that this medium of colloquy is fairly personal, transmittal mar keting messages via the mobile more than once a week ! runs the risk of being seen as an encroachment of personal berth and causing frustration/annoyance amongst consumers. In this sense, this medium of advertising limits the frequency with which marketers can reach by to their tar fare audience. An important finding of the study is that peers are seen to have a earthshaking influence on consumer use of technologies such(prenominal) as the Bluetooth application. Marketers should call back using elements of social verification in their general advertising of the Bluetooth technology. Inviting customer response to Bluetooth enabled marketing messages is also likely to sum up information share amongst friends or peers. Work CitedSheena Leek and George Christodoulides:?Next Generation Mobile Marketing: How Young Consumers React to Bluetooth-Enabled Advertising? If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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