Friday, February 7, 2014

Ap History

commerce was a system that called for more exports and less imports. commerce was used to help the entire British empire. It was used at expense to the colonists. The use of mercantilism was more favorable to shattering Britain. Under one of the many laws of mercantilism the colonists were forced to become their raw goods to Britain. Then, when Britain received the raw goods they would produce manufactured goods that would be sold in the European markets and eventually sold go along to the colonists. Along with the law for the raw goods, Britain implemented more laws for mercantilism beneath the navigation act. The first law was, Only carry or English colonial ships could carry cargo amidst violet ports. Second, certain goods such as tobacco, rice, and furs could not be shipped to new(prenominal) countries unless they were shipped through England or Scotland. Also, imports of commodities such as rice, tobacco, and starting channel had to be stopped according to the English and have a tax implemented on them which raised the price of the goods that were to be sold to the colonists. Lastly, Americans could not compete with English manufacturers in large-scale manufacturing. As a result of the navigation act passed downstairs mercantilism, it was extremely difficult for the colonists to trade. Some colonists even resorted to smuggling goods in and out of the colonies. Smuggling became so common to the point were those who did it were respected. In the long run, mercantilism was more favorable to Great Britain. The chimneysweep receive so much money for themselves while they make the colonists suffer and pay more for goods, although the colonists produced most of those goods themselves.If you want to make for a full essay, order it on our website:

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