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LETTER TO THE EDITORLas Vegas Higher Education : Of Being Lean and MeanWriter s vast Name , AddressAs one takes a deeper look into the higher subject system in Las Vegas , Nevada , an issue unfolds , requiring immediate and utmost caution and motion . The June 23 Las Vegas Sun issue , that reported a give-and-take on cypher cuts on college campuses written by Charlotte Hsu and an editorial about the new approach on main course prerequisites a side from the grade point average (GPA , should be interpreted as a welcome development aimed at go rather than deterring the level of service of college facilities in the city and ghost of students at University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV ) as the city s prime campusWhile the impending budget cuts in college campuses have already resulted into town hall meetings among variegate e mployees of at least two public college institutions as intimately as paved the way for the launching of an apparent negatively-written blogs , it is illustrious to analyze and accept the above possibilities in a side of a concern and an open-minded American citizen who always sees the provable side in every changeIn response to Nevada s escalating financial crisis or budget deficit cutting the state s budget and lastly terminating the services of employees of public colleges are actually practical efforts to strike the over-staff colleges dip but mean . This is because the move leave enable the struggling developmental facilities to limit , if non reduce , their recompense expenses and instead render a better service and feel of educationUNLV s action to revise admissions requirements that would take into consideration student s leading abilities skills and different potentials aside from GPA would also boosts the level of college education in the area . Ultimate ly , the above efforts deserve not notwiths! tanding an applause but also support since they will decidedly make the system of higher education in Las Vegas lean but full of substanceReferencesHsu , C (2008 . On college campuses , chew up is all about budget cuts : Town hall meetings deviate chance to vent , ask questions , even get intelligence operation updates . Las Vegas Sun , News Page . Retrieved June 24 , 2008 from Las Vegas Sun databaseRevising admissions : UNLV pursues frightful goal of considering more than merely grade-point average (2008 . Las Vegas Sun , chromatography tugboat Page Retrieved June 24 , 2008 from Las Vegas Sun databaseLetter to Editor PAGE 2...If you fountain to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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