Saturday, February 1, 2014

Nformation Communication Technology (ict) In Higher Education.

Running head : ICT in higher(prenominal) knowledgeStudent nameStudent numberCourseLecturerICT which is the acronym for data and call in technology is defined as the use of varied scientific equipments and resources that ar apply for creation , dissemination , storage , focussing of in coordinateation and for communication . These technologies consist of computers , cellular phones , internet , artificial satellite system , radio and televisionUses of ICTICTs be increasingly used in higher Education to improve the quality of tutoring , attainment and in addition by the management as a hear constitution maker since it s a necessity in the twenty-first centuryWeb found teleconferencing washbowl also be used for tutoring in higher education where a lecturer turn up in a different geographical location can further discu ssion through transmission of text , strait and ocular via the internetHigher education distance learning is facilitated by ICT at present where students are able to enroll to virtual universities where lesson materials in form of online tutorials are provided to studentsICT is also used for research purposes in higher education where resources can be accessed over the internet by students for policy making and adapt to innovations . With this , quality of learning has beingness better through the increased access to new learning resources and approaches in teaching by use of teaching assist exchangeable projectorsICT Facilities provided by Institutions includeWireless TechnologyThis is the term used to describe the lurch of information which allows sharing of two or more telecom devices wish computers cellular phones or personal digital ancillary (PDA...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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