Sunday, February 2, 2014

Do We Need A World Language? If So, Should It Be English? Why Or Why Not? Are There Any Alternatives?

NameSubjectProfessorDateEnglish is the Answer to the Need for a Global Language in that location are closely five thousand groups of passel in the world that spill the beanss discordant linguistic communications which makes it severe for them to communicate and understand each an contrasting(prenominal) . furthermore , the population of the commonwealth is also organized into hundred of states and networks so that different languages from each(prenominal) over the world persists . Because of this multitude of languages , at that place has been amazement and misunderstanding for most of us However , til now with this variety show of predicament , a lot of us but non all are still connected . i of these connecting itemors is multilingualism where mess are able to communicate with each other because they get it on an other language than their mother tongues (Swaan 2001While it is possible that people from different parts of the world understand each other by using a language other than the language that they speak , this is not true in all cases . There is a scheme in the world s languages that multilingualism has a rigid ed hierarchical pattern which means that there is wiz certain(prenominal) language that prevails . As a matter of fact , 98 percent of the world languages today are considered to be in the lower part of the hierarchy . These so called peripheral dodge languages are used only by about 10 percent of human population . Because of this , speakers of peripheral languages find it laborious to deal with traders and other kinds of transactions done in a language other than...If you want to get a progressive tense essay, order it on our website:

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