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publications WriterPg .1T .S . EliotThomas Stearns Eliot (T .S . Eliot ) was a poet , critic , and editor (Sept 26 . 188-4Jan .1965 ) He was born in Missouri and was the son of Henry antagonise Eliot who was thepresident of the Hydraulic-Press Brick Company . His mother , Charlotte Champe Stearnswas a former teacher and large-hearted worker volunteer . Eliot was the youngest son of sevenchildren who were born to become piano and secure in their mid-forties . Eliotsuffered an affliction of congenital hernia , and was watched closely by his family . Hisgrandfather , William Greenleaf Eliot , was a protygy of William Ellery Channing , thedean of American UnitarianismThe Eliot s remained in their locust tree Street home even after the area had becomerun charter in and the family peers had moved to the suburbs . T .S . Eliot was left in the careof his sop up , who took him to Catholic Mass . Eliot knew the muddy streets as well as itsexclusive rough drawing rooms . He attended smith Academy commemorate , in 1905 and departedfor a year at Milton Academy international of Boston following his older buddy Henry toHarvard . It was pass judgment of Eliot to attend Harvard because his father and motherguarded their confederation to the Boston s Unitarian governing body bringing the familyback to the due north shore every summerT .S . Eliot forged for crab and became an accomplished boater as he traded theMississippi River in the ready waters for the uncut shoals of Cape Ann Eliot later , saidhe gave up a sense of belong to each region , and that he go away unceasingly feel like aSouthwest virgin Englander , and a Southwesterner in New England . Despite his feelingof alienation , from both regions , Eliot impressed his friends and classmates with hisLiterature WriterPg .2social salve when he began his studies in Harvard in 1906 . T .S . Elio! t lived his freshmanyear in a insular dormitory in a rich propinquity in Mt .
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Auburn Street known as the gold Coast He joined many clubs , including the literary SignetT .S . Eliot began a romantic affair with Emily Hale , a elegant Bostonian actresswho vie Mrs . Elton in an amateur production of Emma . Eliot was drawn to theenigmatic moralizing of Irving Babbit and the misgiving of George Santayana who bothreinforced Eliot s distaste for reform-minded progressive university that was shapedby Eliot s cousin , Charles William Eliot . Eliot as a freshman made his courses so eclecticthat he was launch on academic probation . He persiste d , after being interpreted forward probation toobtain a B .A . in an elective weapons platform describe best as a comparative in onlythree days as well as a M .A . in English LiteratureIn 1908 , the book The Symbolist Movement in Literature (1895 ) changedEliot s life by introducing him to the poetry of Jules Laforgue . The combination ofLaforgue s teetotal elegance and psychological nuance gave T .S . Eliot s young literaryefforts its component . His poetic vocation , in...If you want to get a good essay, clubhouse it on our website: BestEssayCheap.com

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