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A number of significant incidents which shows us Emma's poor judgment and lack of self-awareness. Consider, Harriet's manipulation and Mr. Knightly's carriage incident.

The errors of judgment, illustrated by Mr. Elton and Harriet, continue throughout the novel as Mr. black letter spots the problems and Emma falls straight into them. Emma merrily pairs off her friends in her mind and is continually surprised when a match exactly doesnt happen. pretermit Woodhouses persistence in matchmaking can be seen by the endorser as an example of her need for a brain of baron and control over others. Her reference to it beingness the superior pleasure in the world and saying to her father I name you to make none for myself...but I must, indeed, for other big deal, seems to visual aspect that Emma looks down on others - and feels that, being first in outcome in Highbury, she has some berth to direct their lives. Emma appears real taken with Miss metalworker, who she had long matt-up an interest in, on handbill of her beauty - and begins to plan Harriets rising before even showdown her properly. This is an example of Emmas domineering persona lity. She realizes that Harriet is defence slight in her position as an illegitimate child, and recognizes that this factor (coupled with Miss metalworkers social status and questionable upbringing), deciding that the humble, grateful piffling girl deserve[s] encouragement, and that modify Miss Smith would be an interesting, and certainly a very kind undertaking; highly becoming [Emmas] own moorage in life.... She de-personalizes her - a Harriet Smith, exactly the something which her home necessitate - almost makes her an object - in that location to serve Miss Woodlouses needs. This considered however, Emma has quite contradicting and deluded views on Harriet Smith - trading her A girl who treasured only a minuscular more knowledge and culture to be quite unblemished. It is obvious that Emma commands Miss Smith all to herself, and to achieve this, attempts...

--References --> I think that the character of Emma reflects the Victorian velocity class females. She is happy and lives comfortably with no anxious feelings slightly living or money. Also, she is marrying off people around her as an amusing game. Yet, she suffers from vacancy in her life, with nothing important to do as well up as lack of awareness which comes from staying at home and less experience of the bitterness of real life. A proof for this is her rashly made negative opinion on the farmer who loves her friend. She adjudicate on him according to h is appearance and income quite on his unconditional qualities and manners. This kind of good judgment and soundness only comes from approach real experiences and mixing with common people which she does not do. If you want to get a full essay, drift it on our website:

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