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As A Way Of Deepening Reader Comprehension And Insight, Your Essay Should Question, Trace, And Explore How One Of The Themes Operated In The Works.

br Mishra 1Seema MishraIndiaMay 2 , 2008How the rotate turnsThe stories of `Oedipus the business leader , `Gilgamesh and ` male p atomic number 18nt Quixote tot each(prenominal)(a)y reflect the same(p)thing in the proofreader s mind . They entirely atomic number 18 brave and dare to do eitherthing to succeed , further entirelythe common chordsome characters are controlled by the reach of their exigency . The stories are pen indifferent environment and surroundings but the stolid of them is same and the reader see launch the round turns their action in the termination kind of the alone liveliness story seems to be controlled bytheir respective(prenominal) peck . It appears that e very(prenominal)thing is organism controlled by God and it happensas is in de globed(p) by him or written in one s quite a l ittle . The concept of dowry in stories has beenexciting for the readers from the quantify deal started version and Greeks believe in it alot . The fantasy of pre find facts thrill the reader and he call fors to know whatexactly happened in the story . The excitement rebrinys passim which is veryimportant for the relationship amid the writer and the readerGilgamesh is very brave and is ready to governance some(prenominal) hazards that are going to let in his expedition when he wants to exploit rearwards his suspensor from the hands of wipeout This is possiblewith a very brave and daring person and it is clear from the avocation provoke from thestoryGilgamesh who feared nonhing , might have been expected to say , ` and so it s I who will goout and subdue him [Enkidu] and bring him captive to the cityHe was enclothe to unearth the hidden of life and terminal and bring posterior his colleague by and by summon 2his death . No life man has ever dared to do so b ut Gilgamesh heads on and faces a lotof diff! iculties but ultimately succeeds in his tutelage . Gilgamesh is a mythological hero world power of antique Mesopotamia who might have been ruling in 27th century BC . The poemsdescribe the unique relationship of Gilgamesh and his friend Enkidu who is half ridiculous andundertakes dangerous quests with Gilgamesh . Most of the epic poem focuses on howGilgamesh unearths the secret of life and death after the death of his expert friend andbrings him back to human after a abundant and furious travel . Quite a lot of speech chemical formula isgiven on immortality because Gilgamesh is found to be searching for immortality afterhis friend Enkidu s death . The epic is much often read in interpretation and is admiredthroughoutThe story of Gilgamesh starts with an introduction of Gilgamesh as the greatest exponent onearth and the strongest faggot that ever existed . The introduction as well describes his gloryand the city of Uruk where he rules is praised for its brick walls . It is as well as seen that thepeople of his time are not happy with him because he is a harsh ruler Here again the cycles/second turns and he is penalize for his deeds in the end . Importance of dreams is also feltin this epic and is mentioned clearly . The first time Gilgamesh dreams and tells his excite down about the funny dreams . She tells him that a mighty friend will come to himWhile he is travel in the cedar forest with his friend , Gilgamesh has 5 unfavorable dreamswhich is depict as a good anticipate by his friendIn the story of ` outwear Quixote the reader finds that the beginning divide of the storydescribes his chivalry and how he slips from his al-Qaeda to begin his journey . It is seenagain when he recovers from his blemish after a severe fight with a passer , that again he Page 3slips quietly from his theme and goes on a journey . Most of the time the things are not in original but in his imagination and he stock-still fights for them . referable t o this imagination of male parentQuixote he fights w! ith a flock of sheep and is beaten by the shepherds in relapse . Heattacks a chain of prisoners and wants them to be freed . In this way he is seen imaginingthings and situations a lot of time in the story . alone he is brave too and enters the innwhich he has mistaken to be a castle . The whole journey and the issuances that take placeare described and around in the end Don Quixote realizes and wants to perform penanceBoth prime(prenominal) one and expound two of `Don Quixote differs in its bill and the part two startswith a conversation and continues with it . It is much more reflective and nigh part of thetext belongs to Don Quixote . In part one Don Quixote frees some of the convicts andtheir headmaster reappears like a puppet master . In the end he returns home defeated byreality and dies refusing to acknowledge his identity as a sawbuck . Don Quixote is also seendefeated by the hands of his fate in the end of the story . The turn of the wheel of fate ortime is seen throughout the storyIn the story of `Oedipus the king , Oedipus s fix after learning from an prophet that hisson will bolt down him ties the feet of the infant and asks a servant to kill him . But he is foundby a tyke and named Oedipus . As the small fry cannot afford and has no means he givesthe child to his familiar spirit peasant and after that he is brought up by a childless king . Oedipusis carried external because of his fate and his fate dominates the whole story . The wheel ofhis fate turns a lot of time in his life and he is almost like a puppet in the hnad of fateWhen he was puppylike he left over(p) the palace and on his way he meets his biological father butunknowingly he argues with him and Page 4kills him and the first part of the oracle s fortune telling is fulfilledImportance of eerie powers and their effects are seen in this story . once again on hisway he is asked a penetrate by a sphinx and he solves it .

The riddle isWhat is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning , two legs at noontide and threelegs in the eveningOedipus answered , `man After solving the riddle he frees the Kingdom of Thebes and accordingly the hands of the queenis given to him in retaliate and she is authenticly his biological mother When the people inhis kingdom are suffering from plague he promises to them to find out their king smurderer and send him to exile . He is unaware of the fact that whom he had killed wasthe king himself . After asking his old servant and revelation of some more facts , his wifewho is very his mother guesses the truth and runs away and hangs herself . On findingher body he blinds himself and shows h is intension to go on the exile But his childreninsist that he should ask oracle on what should be take ine nigh . In this way at the end of thestory it is said that no man is happy unless he dies . Every event in the story seems to becontrolled by the wheel of time or fateIn all the three stories it is seen that fate , supernatural powers have their impact andeffects . Among all , Gilgamesh is the bravest one and all the three leave their homes andgo on journey where they meet and fight and their life changes . How the wheel of fateand time turns is seen in each of the three . or so each event in their lives is controlledby their fates even if they are determined to do what they want and die in the end of the Page 5story having regrets for what they did all their life . Oedipus is examplely and spirituallyblind and God wants to frank his eyes on every move in his life . In the end when heactually blinds himself it is symbolic that he is seeing the real truth and is not blind honorablely or spiritually as he is unable to see th! e outmost world and is able to move with theinner worldIn the end of the three stories of `Oedipus the king , `Gilgamesh and `Don Quixote , allthe three main characters want to kill themselves and come to know the fact in the endThese epics are designed to show that life means any individual s movement from thememory of events and experiences to moral and spiritual message that lies bunghole theseexperiences . It is also seen in these stories that the wheel of time turns and everyone hasto pay for his misdeeds in life . Everything happens as it has to in everyone s life . Theauthor wants to convey that most of the time people don t know what is going to happenbut even if they knew as in the suit of Oedipus the king , they are outpouring to do what iswritten in their fate . This is the actual story and people face almost the same things intheir life . Fate decides and recognizes your actual place in the guild and you have tolive accordingly . The moral about one s life lies in the story and it is seen that fate canhold your hands and leave you blindfold from the facts of lifeWorks CitedHYPERLINK hypertext transfer communications protocol /www .lotsofessays .com / tantrum /1682666 .html hypertext transfer protocol /www .lotsofessays .com /view /1682666 .htmlHYPERLINK http /www .themanime .org /viewreview .php ?id 675 http /www .themanime .org /viewreview .php ?id 675HYPERLINK http /www .bookrags .com /essay-2005 /8 /19 /1037 /07884 http /www .bookrags .com /essay-2005 /8 /19 /1037 /07884...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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