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muniment 108: Early the Statesn score Spring 2012 teacher: George Gastil B.A., Earlham College M.A., UC Santa Barbara (619) 465-9176 Required Texts: Davidson, U.S.: A Narrative History, Volume 1: To 1877. McGraw Hill, 2009. Gastil and Harris, Connecting atomic number 20: Selections in Early American History. Cognella. (Connecting California result be available in February directly from the publisher.) Course Description: History 108 provides an overview of economic, political, affable and cultural developments in the United States, from the prehistoric time to 1877. The most important goal of the pedigree is for each pedantic person to read, write, think, and discuss issues as a historian. Prerequisite: English cx or equivalent. Expected Student Learning Outcomes: 1. Students result be able to analyze and synthesize primary and tributary sources in response to a diachronic thesis or question. 2. Students get out be able to explain relationships surrounded by the causes of diachronic events and their effects. 3. Students exit be able to describe historical actors and events in America and explain their significance in historical context. Self-Assessment: You impart quantify yourself in four stages. In the archetypical stage you will describe yourself as a apprentice and write trey goals for how you will develop in this class. Goals will involve skills relate to being a student, such as reading, writing, organization, or social development. In the second stage, you will appreciate your progress a few weeks into the course and take in revising your goals. In the deuce-ace stage you will confer on how you are develop in this course, more than fractional way into it, and consider how the course is helping you prepare for future responsibilities and challenges. In the fourth stage, you w ill give a final examination assessment of ! your progress and consider areas for continuing your development beyond this...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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