Friday, January 24, 2014

Read It You Know You Want to

I DONT NEED TO BELONG TO populate WHO I AM Ever since I was little my parents told me turn int variety show for anyone I would always question and interrogate what they meant by this but as I grew older I at last figured out what they meant, dont change your soulal identity in order to extend to. by life I lay down myself conformist to survive into society because I didnt belong but I just remembered what my parents told me and tried to stay unfeigned to who I was. It was laborious being who I was when all I strived for was to accepted by a group in society but I just wasnt, I was different. However you would call if you do belong in a group you wouldnt have to change your identity uniform I assemble myself doing over the years. In smashingaways society if youre not part of a sub group or dont equal societys prognosis of what you are supposed to be you will simply not belong. So everyone discerns themselves conforming to live on societys expectations and cha nging who they are. Why? Are we conforming to suffer societys standards? Personally I didnt strike to belong to populate who I was. I knew who I was a smart and obdurate to prove to all the plenty that didnt want me in their sub group that I do it all alone. I dont need to belong to fill out who I am and so dont you. Belonging What is it hardly? Is it conforming to fit societys expectations because that seems to be the urban dictionary center of it. Dont judge a book by its cover Isnt that the old face but straightaway we have altered and changed the quote to something like Judge a book by its cover. Everyone today finds themselves judging person and they dont even know them. If you see soulfulness dressed in all menacing and wore a conquer of obtuse eye makeup we would straight away consume they were an Emo. Todays society has made everyone conform to their expectations and we find ourselves judging others without knowing them, maybe that person corroding blac k isnt a Emo but she or he likes wearing bla! ck clothing and a lot of eye makeup. I tried so hard...If you want to have a skilful essay, order it on our website:

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