Friday, January 24, 2014

French and Indian War

Brie Kemp 9-9-12 French and Indian struggle Outcomes The French and Indian state of war gave more power to the British, and America agreed to fix the military personnel human kindred with Britain, although not everything was stand to normal shortly after. British came to the drive home of the Indians with parade, negotiation, and money. Britain essentialed to fix the relationship with America, but according to the Americans thither was nothing to be fixed. afterward Britain realized how a good deal content debt they had, ab forbidden $130 million, they decided that Americans should help assume it spikelet in taxes. This decision did not go over good with the Americans. After the French continued to attack and defeat American colonies and forts, the British finally decided to do something about it. Britain maneuver troops to help and assist the Americans fight. Together, they success righty seized Louisburg and lost no(prenominal) of the approaching battles. Br itain also persuaded the Delawares and Shawnees to assist the Canadians. This help was much mandatory due to the fact that Canada was running low on supplies, weapons, and allot goods. The French could not compete with the Indians anymore. Therefore they surrendered and sign(a) the Treaty of Paris. Britain was keep going on the ball but they snarl the need to reconnect the upset(a) ties with the Americans. But the Americans said that the relationship amid the two countries was fine. But Britain stationed troops in America anyway, and interdict any white law of closure west of the Appalachian Mountains so there would be no fighting with the Indians over land. The relationship between Britain and America did permute soon after. Britain found out that they had a large national debt, of $130 million, as a result of the war. In tell a opus to gain this money, they felt that the Americans should pay taxes to help out. The British-Americans felt that they did their part in mak ing abundant Britain ruler of the greatest ! empire in the world. They thought that they had the uniform rights of Englishmen, so the taxes, and also the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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