Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seperate Peace

Francesca Garcia Mrs. Welsh 6th Period 21 September 2012 The Weaknesses of Knowles deuce Main Characters just now as the wide specialize Twain said, we all have sex in the defense of certain cowardice which we call our principles. In A intermit Peace, unripe sons lives atomic number 18 recorded at Devon Prep School. Living in a protected purlieu has its perks, especially with a war going on. Yet the unexampled men were weak; they were feeble in character, handicapped in the skills of handling a real world situation. Incapable of imperative their over the top emotions or scenarios that would make anyone drop to their knees and weep. some(prenominal) of the important characters, Gene and Phineas, are equally weak, plainly and because of what they were exposed to or guarded from. In this novel, Gene and Phineas are total opposites. They rear end carry their own strengths and weaknesses, yet not one is more(prenominal) powerless th an the other. Certain points in the hold show how all(prenominal) character, good or bad, has a low-key spot. On the outside, Phineas was the all-American boy: athletic, good hearted, and a loyal friend. Phineas was a notorious athletic supporter at Devon who received, the Winslow Galbraith Memorial Foot bollock Trophy, the Margaret Duke Bonaventura ribbon and prize. (Knowles Pg. 44-45), wake how superior he was physically. Naturally being great at sports made him favorable in the eyes of his peers. Phineas displayed characteristics of a leader, as he invented his own game of blitz ball, which became general among the boys (Knowles Pg.37). Phineas also was a friend to the whole assimilator body, as he was the essence of this careless peace.(Knowles Pg. 24) An example would be his association with Gene, a contrast to everything Phineas was and stood for. Phineas had all the characteristics to be the stronger character, but appearances arent everything. Phineas was very careless with his life, strolling throu! gh every daylight as a fairytale. Not really caring for his studies as he, he already...If you want to get a full essay, establish it on our website:

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