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SEMESTER 2 PAST FRQ QUESTIONS Unit 7: European governance 1815-1848, Nationalism, and Unification 1. answer for and compare the differences among Utopian socialists, Karl Marx, and Revisionist socialists in their critiques of 19th century European economy and society. (88) 2. In February 1848, the middle classes and workers in France joined to vitiate the g everywherenment of Louis Philippe. By June the two groups were at odds in their governmental, economic, and social thinking. analyse what transpired to divide the groups and disembowel the consequences for French politics. (90) 3. tie the ways in which conservative governmental and social views wrought the peace closing of the Congress of Vienna. rationalise the consequences of the peace settlement for the period 1815 to 1848. (93) 4. examine and contrast the orthogonal policy goals and achievements of Metternich (1815-1848) and capital of North Dakota (1862-1890). 5. Describe and an alyze the differences in the ways in which artists and writers envisioned the individual during the Italian metempsychosis and the Romantic era of the deeply eighteenth and early ordinal number centuries. 6. Compare and contrast political liberalism with political conservatism in the first half of the nineteenth century in Europe. 7. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
disassemble three examples of the relationship amongst Romanticism and nationalism before 1850. 8. Compare and contrast erudition and Romantic views of the relationship between beau ideal and the individual. 9. Referring to specific individuals or works, discu ss the ways in which 2 of the following utt! ered the concept of nationalism in the nineteenth century: Artists, Composers, Writers. 10. Analyze the similarities and differences in the methods used by Cavour and von Bismarck to bring round the unification of Italy and of Germany, respectively. 11. Analyze artistic and literary responses to industrialization over the course of the nineteenth century. 12. Analyze the set up of nationalism on the...If you want to get a undecomposed essay, order it on our website:

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