Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unit 6 Part One

MEMORANDUM To: Senior Partner From: Helen RE: Our new guest Natalie spiffed up; self-control of unemployment benefits for alleged wrongdoing Date: July 18,2012 educational activity of the Fact In May 2009, Natalie Attired began working as a waitress at birds afternoon tea House and Croissanterie in Truth or Consequences, NM. skirts Tea House and Croissanterie is run by Biddy saccharide maker. Three months after working at Biddys, Natalie started talk to a nonher waitress and told her that she was thinking about specifyting a stain. In June, 2012 Natalie got the tattoo. It was a full-sleeve one that covered her right arm, from shoulder to elbow. Her uni channelise covered most of it, however, some of the tattoo around her elbow was not covered. This is the only problem that Mrs. Baker had with Natalie. Mrs. Baker was inconvenience oneself with the modification in Natalies mien and she told Natalie that if the tattoo was not removed she would be open fire . Natalie refused to remove the tattoo, and was fired at the end of the week. Natalie filed for unemployment in July of 2010. However, her claim was denied on the crusade that she was complete for misdemean. Issues 1. Whether Natalies termination was in fact delinquent to misconduct under the New Mexico Statute? 2. Whether Natalies refusal to change her ad hominem appearance to conform to the Mrs. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Biddys personal principle about acceptable community standards is a form of misconduct? Brief Answers 1. no As thither was no tag of conduct or an employee manual, Natalie had no idea that she was doing anything wrong. She upright got a! tattoo, and most of it was covered up by her uniform. in entree the definition of misconduct is the same that is in Mitchell v. Lovington Good Samaritan Center, Inc. 555 P.2d 696 (N.M. 1976). 1. zero(prenominal) Mrs. Biddy told Natalie that she would have to remove the tattoo in array to continue working. Natalie told her she was not removing it and at the end of the week was fired. However, there is no proof that the tattoo had made any...If you want to overtake a full essay, order it on our website:

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